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2021 Garfield County Humanitarian Services Award

It was a beautiful night. Full of happy, familiar faces, cheering and wishing each other good things.

I was surrounded by the most amazing people who came to celebrate my nomination for the Garfield County Humanitarian Services Awards. My friends had written the most beautiful letters of support, and I was happy to be in the same space as them — which felt strange after two years of dealing with a global pandemic. But most importantly, my family was with me. My husband and two children were as supportive and jolly as ever. Only this time, one of the nominees was me.

When the Commission read the names of the nominees, I felt incredibly humbled to be in their company. Their love for this community is outstanding, and their giving spirit represents what humanity is about.

The best part of the night? When my bio was being read as they announced the Wonder Woman award, my boy figured out it was me, and the biggest smile showed on his face. "It's you, mom! You won!", he said with excitement.

Family is where community starts, and my family made me so proud that night.

Congratulations again to all the nominees (you are all heroes to me!) Ross Brooks, Ted and Sheryl Doll, Ginny West and Anne Sale, Glenda Martinez, Linda Haydock, Elizabeth Russo, Pastor Robin Vega and the other three awardees, Sally Brands — Lifetime Impact Award, Carlos Cornejo — Community Force Award, and Gabe Cohen — Warrior of Hope Award.

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